Punilla Valley

The Punilla Valley or “Valle de Punilla” is located north of Cordoba City in the same province.
The best this valley has to offer it’s nature: mountains, rivers coming down leaving “ollas” (natural pools) on the way, specially nice in summer for us to cool down, some pretty towns to relax and as well as some adventure options such as paragliding, zipline, trekking and more.

Villa Carlos Paz

Villa Carlos Pas is a town with plenty of life, famous among young people and families, filled with theaters, crowded bars and restaurants but not su much nature as the rest of the province although it’s on the way between Cordoba city and almost any other touristic place in the region.

Cordoba City

Cordoba city -Cordoba capital- has a long history and is one of the few in Argentina where its so visible in the street, which are not square blocks but a random mix of streets going in every direction similar to Europe. The city has a nice colonial style with plenty of very old churches.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a very beautiful city with lot to offer. It is best visited walking around and the secret is to plan the route linking areas defined by a specific attraction, instead of doing it by neighborhood. Here there are also plenty of museums, the famous tango, endless number of local food with the unmatched argentinian beef, the “asado” -grilled meat- as well as some of the best wines in the world at a ridiculously cheap price.