Marrakesh, the heart of Morocco, the most beautiful city in the country. Filled with unique captivating culture throughout every alley, markets and breathtaking riads [traditional architecture hotels] so popular on Instagram, this is a mandatory stop for anyone traveling to this country as well as an excelente weekend getaway for those based in Europe.


Essaouira is known as the city of wind although I would call it the city of cats. It is a costal town famous for the nice local mix European architecture not as chaotic as Marrakech or Fes as well as its very chill vibes. Great place to take it easy and not be harass by vendors.


Casablanca or just Casa is not a place you want to visit if you can avoid it. It is not particularly pretty and has nothing that can be call a must-see. It is just the economic center of the country. Many travelers end up here because of the flights but if you have the chance to flight straight to Marrakech I would recommend it. People spending 24 hours here can kill some time with the following attractions.


Philadelphia is a city with a long and important history. Known as the birthplace of United State because the declaration of independence took place here as well as the signing of the constitution.
It has a long list of attractions but most of them are history related which will not raise interest for the average traveler who will focus more on the architecture, specially the colorful alleys.