Colon is the gateway town for the wildlife paradise of El Palmar National Park but it’s also a pretty town worth spending an afternoon, or even better, a night. With nice attractions around town as well as on the beach and river, it also has nice local restaurant and pretty hotels.
The most common way to visit this place is in a short trip from Buenos Aires or Rosario as well as a stop on the way to the Iguazu Falls.

Restaurante y Hostería del Puerto

Downtown is around Plaza San Martín, where you can go around or go straight to the tourist information office area that looks to the river. This place would define better the downtown for travelers.

Few meters away is the Sótano de Quesos -Underground Cheese Shop- a small interesting shop where you can spend 5 minutes looking inside without buying anything. They sell cheese of course, in small “horma”. Perfect for local people as souvenir.

From the tourist information office to the south we have la costanera. A road along the river good for walking all year round. The best hotels are located here with the best views.

walking along the “costanera”

At the end of the costanera is the Parque Quiros, a park not so big but nice to extend the walk a little longer.

Parque Quiros

Where to eat in Colon

  • El Viejo Almacén: traditional pretty restaurant with good prices. Good for lunch.
  • Restaurante del Puerto: historical place, very pretty too. They prepare local specialties -river fish-. Dinner Only. Works as a hotel too.
  • La Cosquilla del Angel: a more luxurious and romantic option.
dentro del restaurant el viejo almacen

El Viejo Almacén restaurant

From the tourist information office to the north we have la playa -the beach- a swimming place very easy to get even walking. Popular on the summer days and you can have a nice walk in spring-autumn.

The town has a strong bond with the river as you can see from the costanera, the beach, the food specialties so it’s no surprise you can also do boat tips along the Uruguay river from 2 to 3 hours with hikes on the islands. Itaicora (facebook – phone number: 03447-423360) runs these tours “everyday” of the year.

the beach

Colon beach in the evening

Colon beach with the Uruguay river

Lastly there are the popular Termas de Colon -Colon hot springs- which I’m no fan. It looks not pretty and artificial, the only good point is the hot water.

Where to sleep in Colon

dirt roads

Parque Nacional El Palmar

Fifty kilometers away from Colon is El Palmar National Park, a wildlife paradise that holds an impresive amount of animals and birds very easy to spot. It takes only one day to visit it or even one afternoon. Everyone coming to Colon who likes nature and wildlife should not miss this national park, specially if they have their own vehicle. I would say going to the park is the reason to visit Colon.

In Colon you can book the tours, “remises” (cheap taxis) as well as take the local buses that pass and drop off passengers on the park entrance.